Sunday 26/09/2021

18:00 AM

Welcome Drink

Monday 27/09/2021

08:00 AM


09:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

Ondřej Srba

Research Centre Řež

09:20 AM

Inaugural Address

Petr Březina

Research Centre Řež

09:40 AM

IAEA’s Activities on Post Irradiation Examination

Kailash Agarwal

International Atomic Energy Agency

TECHNICAL SESSION 1 - Design and Construction of New Facilities

10:00 AM

New Laboratory Installation for Molten Salt Reactor Material Research in Denmark

Christopher Dane


10:25 AM

Set-Up of Two New Hotcells to Discard Spent Targets from the Isolde Experiment

Sven de Man


10:50 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:20 AM

Design and Fabrication of a Hot Cell and Target Manipulation System 

Justin Dexter

M. Braun, Inc.

11:45 AM

Design and Fabrication of a Local Target Shielding System

Mike Wade

Springs ATG, LLC

12:10 PM

New Generation of High Efficiency Unleaded Materials for Radiation Protection NOVASHIELD® GLASS: Unleaded Transparent Screen for Gamma and Neutron Shielding

Fady El Haber Christophe Selliez

Lemer Pax

12:35 PM

Construction of JHR Hot Cells

Petr Březina 

Research Centre Řež

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

TECHNICAL SESSION 2 - Ageing Management and Refurbishment of Hot Laboratories

14:00 PM

Replacement of the Transfer Lifting Unit in the Irradiated Fuel Cell

Franck Dominjon 


14:25 PM

Repairment of Incell Crane Inside Hot Cell 106 in Radiometalurgy Installation (RMI) BATAN


National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)

14:50 PM

Replacing A 40-Year-Old Periscope for Visual Inspection of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Niklas Snis 

Studsvik Nuclear AB

15:15 PM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

15:40 PM

Replacement of the Nuclear SIMS in the LECA/STAR Facility

Ingrid Roure 


TECHNICAL SESSION 3 - Remote Handling, Automation and Transport for Hot Labs

16:05 PM

Overview of Cyclotron Remote Handling at TRIUMF – Shutdown Maintenance Activities and Ageing Equipment Refurbishment

Adam Newsome 


16:30 PM

End of Conference Day 1

18:00 PM

Gala Dinner & Cultural Programme

Tuesday 28/09/2021

TECHNICAL SESSION 3 - Remote Handling, Automation and Transport for Hot Labs

09:00 AM

The New Integrated NDE System in Taiwan

June Chiu-Wan

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

TECHNICAL SESSION 4 - PIE (Destructive/Non-Destructive)

09:25 AM

Microstructure Examination of U3Si2-Al Dispersion Fuel Plate with Density of 4.8 gU/cm3 and Burnup 40% in Radiometallurgy Installation

Maman Kartaman Ajiriyanto

National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia

09:50 AM

Nondestructive Method for Measurement of Oxide Layer Thickness on Irradiated Fuel Rods

Marin Mincu 

Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti Romania

10:15 AM

In-Situ Nanoindention in a Nuclearized SEM at the CEA Atalante Facility

Gauthier Jouan 


10:40 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:10 AM

Review of Advanced PIE Techniques at UK NNL

Susan Morgan

National Nuclear Laboratory

11:35 AM

Case Study Of 0.2% Boron Carbide Addition to Concrete in Compact Shielding Design at the TRIUMF-ARIEL Facility

Bill Paley 


12:00 PM

Detailed Analysis of The Debris Fretting Marks on Coated Fuel Cladding Samples

Ondřej Pašta 

Research Centre Řež

12:25 PM

CVR Activities on the Neutron Irradiated Fuel Cladding Materials

Mariia Zimina 

Research Centre Řež

12:50 PM

End of Conference Day 2

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

15:00 PM

Guided tour of Prague

Wednesday 29/09/2021

TECHNICAL SESSION  4 - PIE (Destructive/Non-Destructive)

09:00 AM

Irradiated Concrete and Aggregates Studies in CVŘ

Alica Fedoriková 

Research Centre Řež 

9:25 AM

Mineralogical and Structural Characterization of Concrete and Rock Aggregates after Neutron and Gamma Irradiation

Patricie Halodová 

Research Centre Řež 

9:50 AM

Recent Innovation Iin Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) In-Situ Extreme Mechanics in Nuclear Environments

Nicholas Randall 

Alemnis AG

TECHNICAL SESSION 5 - Safety and Regulation Issues

10:15 AM

Preliminary Framework for Applying Shared Autonomy in a Remote Hotcell Operation

Ryu Dongseok 

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

10:45 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:15 AM

Maximum Permissible Leakage Rate of a Transport Cask According to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material


AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)

11:40 AM

Thermal Evaluation of a Small Cask for Transport of Irradiated Fuel Samples


AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)

TECHNICAL SESSION 6 - Commercial Presentations

12:05 PM

Commercial Presentation of Hot Laboratories

Radek Řezáč 

ISOTREND spol. s r.o.

12:30 PM

Suitable Remote Handling Solutions for Hot Cells

Hubert Hafen 

Wälischmiller Engineering GmbH

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

14:00 PM

Introduction of Gloveboxes Group

Christopher Dane 


14:25 PM

SKAPHIA: Presentation of the Latest Shielded Electron Probe Micro Analysis (EPMA)

Anne - Sophie Robbes


14:50 PM

ACTINIS: Shielded SIMS for Analysis of Highly Radioactive Samples

Paula Peres


15:15 PM

Coffee Break & Poster Session (30 min.)

Atom Probe Tomography for Nuclear Materials

Adrien Vuillaume 


Fine Analyses on Neutron Irradiated Materials at LECI Hotlab: Nuclearization Work of an Atom Probe Tomography and a Focused Ion Beam, and Examples of Applications on Nuclear Materials

Olivier Doyen 

Université Paris-Saclay, CEA

Isotrend Hot Cells

Jan Bornhorst 


Handling of Radioactive Materials Prior to Analysis by X-Ray Powder Diffraction

Claudia Aparicio

Research Centre Řež

X-Ray Imaging System on Irradiated Fuel Rods Featuring Computed Radiography (CR)

Benedict Vos


15:45 PM

Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL), Design and Fabrication of Hot Cell facility

Thomas Jerome

ROBATEL Industries

16:10 PM

Life Cycle of Hot Cells with Emphasis on Decommissioning

Aleš Dokulil 

NUVIA a.s.

16:35 PM

Awards & Announcement of 58th HOTLAB Meeting

Ann Leenaers


17:00 PM

End of Conference

Thursday 30/09/2021


9:00 AM

Departure from the hotel Vienna House Diplomat

10:00 AM

Technical Visit

12:30 PM


13:00 PM

Departure from Research Centre Řež

14:00 PM

Arrival to the hotel Venna House Diplomat


12:00 PM

Departure from the Hotel Vienna House Diplomat

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

15:00 PM

Technical Visit

16:00 PM

Departure from Research Centre Řež

Technical Excursion

Visits to the CVŘ nuclear research facilities will be held on 30 September in the morning or in the afternoon. The technical excursion includes a new hot cells facility, research nuclear reactors LVR15 and LR-0, positron emission tomography center, cooling loops (He loop, CO2 loop, …). The conference fee includes transportation to and technical excursion to the CVŘ research facilities.

Morning Excursion:

9:00 – 14:00

Afternoon Excursion:

12:00 – 16:00

Maximum number of participant is 40.

The application for the excursion is part of the registration form.

About the Research Centre Řež

The Research Centre Řež is a research organisation concentrating on research, development and innovation in the energy sector, primarily nuclear. The company operates a major research infrastructure to support R&D for development of nuclear and other means of sustainable power generation. In particular, the two research reactors, create the core of the infrastructure and are linked to technological loops, hot cells, laboratories for material science, severe accident modelling, technologies for testing components and materials for fusion related R&D. This covers most of the life cycle of current technologies of GEN II–III+, future GEN IV and fusion technologies.

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