Sunday 26/09/2021

18:00 AM

Welcome Drink

Monday 27/09/2021

08:00 AM


09:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

Ondřej Srba

Research Centre Řež

09:20 AM

Inaugural Address

Petr Březina

Research Centre Řež

09:40 AM

IAEA’s Activities on Post Irradiation Examination

Kailash Agarwal

International Atomic Energy Agency

TECHNICAL SESSION 1 - Design and Construction of New Facilities

10:00 AM

New Laboratory Installation for Molten Salt Reactor Material Research in Denmark

Christopher Dane


10:25 AM

Set-Up of Two New Hotcells to Discard Spent Targets from the Isolde Experiment

Sven de Man


10:50 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:20 AM

Design and Fabrication of a Hot Cell and Target Manipulation System 

Justin Dexter

M. Braun, Inc.

11:45 AM

Design and Fabrication of a Local Target Shielding System

Mike Wade

Springs ATG, LLC

12:10 PM

New Generation of High Efficiency Unleaded Materials for Radiation Protection NOVASHIELD® GLASS: Unleaded Transparent Screen for Gamma and Neutron Shielding

Fady El Haber Christophe Selliez

Lemer Pax

12:35 PM

Construction of JHR Hot Cells

Petr Březina 

Research Centre Řež

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

TECHNICAL SESSION 2 - Ageing Management and Refurbishment of Hot Laboratories

14:00 PM

Replacement of the Transfer Lifting Unit in the Irradiated Fuel Cell

Franck Dominjon 


14:25 PM

Repairment of Incell Crane Inside Hot Cell 106 in Radiometalurgy Installation (RMI) BATAN


National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)

14:50 PM

Replacing A 40-Year-Old Periscope for Visual Inspection of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Niklas Snis 

Studsvik Nuclear AB

15:15 PM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

15:40 PM

Replacement of the Nuclear SIMS in the LECA/STAR Facility

Ingrid Roure 


TECHNICAL SESSION 3 - Remote Handling, Automation and Transport for Hot Labs

16:05 PM

Overview of Cyclotron Remote Handling at TRIUMF – Shutdown Maintenance Activities and Ageing Equipment Refurbishment

Adam Newsome 


16:30 PM

End of Conference Day 1

18:00 PM

Gala Dinner & Cultural Programme

Tuesday 28/09/2021

TECHNICAL SESSION 3 - Remote Handling, Automation and Transport for Hot Labs

09:00 AM

The New Integrated NDE System in Taiwan

June Chiu-Wan

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

TECHNICAL SESSION 4 - PIE (Destructive/Non-Destructive)

09:25 AM

Microstructure Examination of U3Si2-Al Dispersion Fuel Plate with Density of 4.8 gU/cm3 and Burnup 40% in Radiometallurgy Installation

Maman Kartaman Ajiriyanto

National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia

09:50 AM

Nondestructive Method for Measurement of Oxide Layer Thickness on Irradiated Fuel Rods

Marin Mincu 

Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti Romania

10:15 AM

In-Situ Nanoindention in a Nuclearized SEM at the CEA Atalante Facility

Gauthier Jouan 


10:40 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:10 AM

Review of Advanced PIE Techniques at UK NNL

Susan Morgan

National Nuclear Laboratory

11:35 AM

Case Study Of 0.2% Boron Carbide Addition to Concrete in Compact Shielding Design at the TRIUMF-ARIEL Facility

Bill Paley 


12:00 PM

Detailed Analysis of The Debris Fretting Marks on Coated Fuel Cladding Samples

Ondřej Pašta 

Research Centre Řež

12:25 PM

CVR Activities on the Neutron Irradiated Fuel Cladding Materials

Mariia Zimina 

Research Centre Řež

12:50 PM

End of Conference Day 2

13:00 PM

Lunch (60 min.)

15:00 PM

Guided tour of Prague

Wednesday 29/09/2021

TECHNICAL SESSION  4 - PIE (Destructive/Non-Destructive)

09:00 AM

Irradiated Concrete and Aggregates Studies in CVŘ

Alica Fedoriková 

Research Centre Řež 

9:25 AM

Mineralogical and Structural Characterization of Concrete and Rock Aggregates after Neutron and Gamma Irradiation

Patricie Halodová 

Research Centre Řež 

9:50 AM

Recent Innovation Iin Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) In-Situ Extreme Mechanics in Nuclear Environments

Nicholas Randall 

Alemnis AG

TECHNICAL SESSION 5 - Safety and Regulation Issues

10:15 AM

Preliminary Framework for Applying Shared Autonomy in a Remote Hotcell Operation

Ryu Dongseok 

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

10:45 AM

Coffee Break (30 min.)

11:15 AM

Maximum Permissible Leakage Rate of a Transport Cask According to the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material


AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)

11:40 AM

Thermal Evaluation of a Small Cask for Transport of Irradiated Fuel Samples


AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)

TECHNICAL SESSION 6 - Commercial Presentations

12:05 PM

Commercial Presentation of Hot Laboratories

Radek Řezáč